Don't make this mistake


NEUROSCIENCE The averge person opens up instagram 150 times a day. But that's by design. Companies from products design! They are paying fortunes to understand why we do what we do. Variable reward, dopamine and all that stuff !

What about picking up the phone first thing in the morning?  The challenge is for a number of reasons

There are these 4 primary brain wave states: Beta↔️Delta. In between those states are Theta and Apha. And they are extremetly important for learning.

ALPHAstate occurs, for example, when you are watching tv. Do you ever notice when somebody is watching TV and you are trying to have a conversation with them, they literally are IN TRANCE, they dont here you?!

ALPHA state is when the information is just going inside your mind.So it is the proper state to learn something faster. It is a Relax state of awernes, we can do that by design, and people don't realize that!
This should have been taught in school. But... how many classes were on "how to learn"?
How to think critically, how to make good decisions, how to solve problems, how to focus and concentrate? How to read faster? How to remember more?

Anyway, coming back to the point. Knowing that you are in this ALPHA state during the morning you are very SUGGESTIBLE, right? And if the first thing your are picking up is your phone...then that really is what's rewiring our brain!! 

- It decrese your level of productivity and performance
- It is training you to be distracted. It is making you to pay attention to everything else and rewiring your brain. Later you won't be able to concentrate because you are training your brain to do otherwise.

That's why MINFULLNESS is so important. It improves cognitive capabilities

Some people wake up in the morning and say "i hope i have energy/motivation today" 

But those are NOT things you HAVE. Those are things you DO. You dont have energy, you DO things that gives you energy.
It is a process, you should work on it

So, take control & change habits

Ref: Jim Kwik