Intense workout everyday?


EXERCISE  If you feel you are training intensely more than a couple of times a week, then you are probably NOT. Because by definition, if you train intensely (like you give it everything)...well you need a little bit of time to recover.

When we look at athletes trainyou will see the hard and motivational workouts, and it is really easy to think that all of their training sessions are like that and that all your sessions shoud be really intense if you want to achieve those goals.

But there is a lot of sessions that they do, that its just stretching or mobility or low intensity or active recovery that they never show because thats not the high and cool part and it doesnt excites people. Who wants to see someone cycling for 2hours at their 30% of level...?

But all that "boring" stuff is the bulk of their training!! SEE THIS:

  • RATE OF PERCEIVED EXERTION (how intensely you are working (0-10) how much you are giving into this session)
  • MESSURABLE EXERTION (The actual amount of energy being produced)

It is subjective:
When you are rested, you slept and ate well and you feel good, both rate of perceived exertion and messurable exertion are pretty the same. 

But if you are tired and you dont realized... you might feel you are giving 9 out of 10 but actually the rate of exertion is a 6 out of 10. BECAUSE you are not putting out what your body is capable of. Even though you feel like you are, you actually not. 

Thats why you need to only LIMIT those really INTENSE SESSIONS to 1 or 2 a week

Give yourself rest days and allow yourself to recover and train smartly, so that you are not always fatigued.