"Snooze" destroys your brain


NEUROSCIENCE When you think about being productive, most of us focus on "when". When do I need to get up? Thats not what you need to focus on. The thing that really impacts your productivity is HOW. How do you wake up? 

And here is the deal. If you hit the snooze button, that kills your profuctivity. It creates a mental state that is called Sleep inertia. Let me explain to you:

Sleep comes in order across 4 stages: 

1. Transition from wakefulness to a light sleep
2. The heart rates slows and body temperature dips. The brain produces rapid brust of activity.
3. Slow wave sleep. People here normally aren't responsive when you call their name. And abnormal behaviours like bedwetting occur.
4. Famous REM sleep
You'll do this 4 or 5 times in a night sleep.

If your alarm goes off when you're in stage 3, (the deepest of sleep) then you will be jolted awake and you will get the SLEEP INERTIA. This is a productivity killer. 

The hormones surging through your body keeping you in deep sleep, are still floating around affecting your now awake body.

SNOOZE BUTTON is not your friend. If you're jolted from slow-wave sleep and allow your brain to drop into sleep again, you will start the whole cycle over, causing you to feel even worse. You're NOT gradually waking yourself up, you're interrupting and restarting your sleep over and over!!! You feel like a mental hangover. You are directly impacting your productivity, your alertness, self-control and brain processing. 

THE BEST MEDICINE is to get out of bed and turn on the lights or get some daylight and keep going. 
Because the retina is directly tied to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). (The SCN controls our cycle and the release of melatonin, which is a hormone that triggers the sleeping part of that cycle. 

Set one alarm and make yourself wake up when it goes off. On the weekend too, so you don't throw off your sleep schedule.

Having a healthy sleep/wake cycle requieres effort, like exercising, you have to train to be good at it. And it is going to be terrible for a while but then you will get better.